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Our price depends on the number of active domain names in your hureg portfolio.
We provide our services for the following competitive prices - for end users and resellers too:
Active .hu domains 0-10 pieces 11-20 pieces 21-50 pieces 51-100 pieces 101-500 pieces over 501
Registration (for 2 years) or ownerchange 3000 HUF 2500 HUF 2300 HUF 2000 HUF 1700 HUF custom price
Renewal (1 year) 2000 HUF 1500 HUF 1200 HUF 1000 HUF 700 HUF custom price
Transfer (transfer date+1 year) 2700 HUF 2000 HUF 1800 HUF 1500 HUF 1300 HUF custom price
DNS update free free free free free free
DNS service free free free free free free
Local presence free free free free free free

The prices are only valid when the registration is done with our .hu domain registration system.
In case of transfer together with ownerchange, both transfer fee and ownerchange fee has to be paid.
Prices do not include 27% VAT (which you do not have to pay if you reside outside the EU or have a valid EU VAT number).
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